Saturday, January 31, 2009

oh yeah, and there's baboons!

Coast Trip

Last week Jenna and I went to stay at one of her co-worker's beach house in Hermanus about 2 hours from Cape Town. We also got a chance to go hiking finally.
Anyway, here are some photos.

Lion's Head

I hiked part of Table Mountain called Lion's Head. The big, flat mountain in the middle is Table Mountain. The peak to the far left is Devil's Peak which I live behind and can see all the time from the neighborhood (Check out post on that.) Lion's Head is the peak to the far right.

Towards the top, the trail was really gnarly. Here is my boss who took me on the hike early in the morning. You can see some chains that you hold onto so you don't fall off the cliff. There would be nothing like this in the states! Can you imagine? Other parts of the "trail" require climbing up steel ladders and boulders.

Here I am climbing up some of the chains. There is an alternate route for babies that doesn't require chains.

A view from the top looking out over Cape Town and the Bay. You can see Robben Island where Nelson Mandela and other political prisoners were held for over 20 years.

We Are More Alike Than Different... or, "What I Saw on a Train"

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I'm planning some amazing blogs, but just wanted to drop a line and say I'm doing well. When you live abroad you just kind of start living your life — work, buying groceries, paying rent. So there isn't a lot of exciting things happening everyday as when you're traveling. That's my excuse for not sending many postcards too, but I did just release a new round to the great wide open (South African mail is notoriously bad so if you don't get one it's probably blowing down some dirt road in Africa.)

Jenna and I are doing well. We'll be back on March 14th and will be having a get together at North Bar (Portland) soon after (details to come!) We just spent the weekend with friends at a swanky little beach house in Hermanus which has some of the most beautiful coastline in the world. I also saw a bunch of Baboons barkin' at each other and a couple of them doing it (steamy pics on the way!)

In other news, I've extended my online social networking circle to include twitter where I can be found under travis-fulton. Tune in for my latest microblogs!

Hope everyone is well in your respective parts of the world.

More soon,