Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cape of Good Hope and Burkas

This is the Cape of Good Hope. To the mariners of yore, this very important geological feature meant that they could finally begin to steer their ships more East than South and meant they were close to the spice rich Indies (and right around the corner from fresh meat, beer, prostitutes, and Cape Town after a grueling two months at sea.) Cape Point is right behind, due South.

There were some Japanese tourists going crazy over this sign, probably 15 jostling to take turns. Speaking of tourists, I saw a Muslim family where the dad was taking a photo of his wife and son. The wife was in a full burka, imagine what all those vacation photos look like. Imagine when families whose women wear burkas get together to share vacation photos. Okay, I tried to take a photo, I know it's probably not the most appropriate thing to do but the guy is right behind the girl walking down the stairs. Really, think about all those vacation photos!

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