Thursday, March 12, 2009

Leaving the bosom of Mama Africa

Well that was a quick six months. Jenna and I are leaving tomorrow. I'm planning on writing a much better summary/wrap-up/cathartic statement on the plane. Too much to think about and pack-up at the moment.

Specifically, I want to show some more pictures of the neighborhood I've been living in and downtown. I realized I put up a ton of nature pics and could give the false impression that that's what it all looks like here.

There's a bunch of things I wanted to blog about, but will do after I get home. I'm too much of a perfectionist and want to get the photos and layout just so and it takes freakin' forever. So keep checking back over the next couple weeks and I'll put some up in between securing my dream job.

It's been challenging here, but I feel like I passed. There's a lot to process and being here for six months, I've settled into a comfortable little routine so it'll be interesting to see this place from a different perspective (Portland, Oregon). I've done some pretty amazing things here and have met people from all over Africa and the world (especially Germans!) South Africa really is Africa, many people have this misconception that it's not because people don't live in huts and trade goats. Actually, there are a bunch of people that still do that in the North.

This is my last full day in Cape Town, I'm going to go take some pictures and get off this computer. I'm planning on having a get together at North Bar (for those of you in Portland) and having a slide show in the background. I'll let you know the specifics but probably next week. Anyone have a digital projector I could borrow?

Okay, more soon.


The Power of Crystals said...

Holy shit dude! See you in a few days! Have a wonderful safe trip home.

Allisha said...

I have a digital projector if you want to come to Nor Cal?!