Monday, November 24, 2008


I have a job doing graphic design here in Cape Town at Sploosh Digital ( I'm pretty excited. I was starting to go a little crazy hanging out at the house all day and looking for semi relevant volunteer work. This will be my second week, too bad my computer is in the shop (of course!)It should be ready tomorrow, but things are always uncertain in this country.

In a internet cafe, gotta jam.



Marc Hewitt said...

That's rad man! When our economy collapses you will have to send money back home to support us all!

Looks like an interesting company. How big are they and what are you doing?

Holly said...

Dude, that's so freakin' rad! Their site is awesome. I'm SO STOKED for you! They're lucky to have you as a part of their team. ;)


Allisha said...

I'm happy for you Bro! This will be great for your resume.
Love Ya!

Wandering Gypsy said...

Enjoy the challenge! Looks like a fun bunch. Rock the casbah Travesa!